Shadow Making

Shadow Making is an option to get a natural shadow of an image. When you are running a business your customer’s priority will definitely be that the product quality should be great on the other hand your priority should be to fulfill the wishes and demands of your customer. Any shot of your product even clicked by the best quality of camera cannot make it that real, sometimes you even don’t get satisfied from the shots but shadow making can make it millions of times better than the original shot! It polishes your image and makes it more attractive and more valuable. Shadow Making is your basic need to create a photo that can represent your brand! You can operate your editing through the tools like; drop, reflection, natural, floating, and cast to create stunning and realistic pictures!

How to Create a Shadow in Photoshop?

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There are two types of shadow; cast shadow and form shadow. The cast shadow is the shadow found around an object placed on the floor or the shadow of any object placing near the main object, while the form shadow is the shadow that is found inside of the object itself. They both have some similarities too! Both shadows depend on the distance, direction, and number of lights around the object.

The form shadow found on the object itself can tell how realistic cast shadow will be. Now before applying shadow editing on an image, first you need to understand the working of the shadows. For example, a cast shadow becomes blurrier and lighter as it stretches further away from its object. For solving this problem you can take tutorials and learn how to create a realistic shadow. This technique uses different combinations and different transformation tools such as blur, alpha channel, and layer masks.

Types of Different Shadows:

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Every picture has its own style and need. We cannot apply all of the types of shadow making on a single image. There are several types of shadow making; we need to understand which type should apply on kind of an image;

  1. Drop Shadow:
    A Drop Shadow slightly elevates the object above its background which gives it a floating shadow. This will create a glow on the object. This type of editing is mostly used for images of E-commerce This will help you to increase the sale of your product automatically.

  2. Natural Shadow:
    A natural shadow editing is the image visual effect. To show its shadow effect an object cast on its background. What experts do is, choose the direction and the distance from which they can show you an imaginary light comes to form a cast shadow. This will make you see a realistic effect on the object which makes it look like its resting on a surface but it’s not!

  3. Cast Shadow or Existing Shadow:
    In this type, the editor creates a different background in an image removing the original background. This can only be done by using the correct level of dullness and clearness in your editing. If you won’t let an expert don’t do this work then it will be very easy to find out that the image is edited!

  4. Floating Shadow and Reflections:
    Floating reflection and floating shadows are the effects that are used for an object that isn’t fixed on the surface. This is used in creating a show of an object floating in space or when it is cast a hollow surface like a bowl. This effect is applied to E-commerce photos that are placed over a white background.


What Is the Best Time to Use Shadow Effect?

We don’t need this effect on every picture and sometimes we want it on so many pictures. Here are some points to know the perfect time to use the shadow effect:

  • When want to add texture and depth to a 2D image.
  • Distinguishing the background from the object like dropping the shadow for an object.
  • Creating balanced product photos for catalogs and more.
  • To give lifelike and natural beauty to images.
  • Retaining natural shadows during applying new backgrounds.
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Drop Shadow Service for E-commerce Product:

In today’s world, E-commerce websites are gaining so much publicity. Every day tons of people are reaching the websites. Due to that, the produce industry needs to add more and more efforts in their picture to make their customers stay. You need an expert to do this work properly. So by giving a drop shadow effect you can make your product more visible and stunning in their own light, which will make its value and price higher.

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