Vector Drawing

Have you ever noticed that what happen when you zoom a picture? Some of the picture’s edges stay sharp and clear, but some of the picture’s edges get blur after zooming it! Why does it happen? How can we fix it? What service of Photoshop would be perfect for it? Your answer is Vector Drawing!

Vector drawing is basically an artwork that is made up of vector graphics. These graphics contain points, lines, curves, and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas. The scale of a vector image file doesn’t have a low resolution and it also doesn’t lose its quality. So that’s why the editor can make it of any size however small or large.

photo cutout solution vector design

Vector graphics are mostly found in SVG, EPS, PDF, or all types of graphic file formats. Vector graphics have a great advantage over raster graphics like points, lines, and curves. It can also be the scale going up or down to any resolution with no aliasing. These points decide the direction of the vector path and it may happen that each path has various properties for example; shape values of stroke color, thickness, curve and fill.

Use of Vector Graphics:

There is no doubt that any Photoshop editor can use vector graphics whether he is a professional or not, but most importantly is to know that when it should be used. It can’t be used on all of the images. Vector graphics are commonly used for creating logos, illustrations, and print layouts. The files of vector AL and EPS are editable so it can open in back up illustrator and it can also edit any kind of text or other elements within the graphic!

Advantages of Vector Images:

photo cutout solution vector drawing service
photo cutout solution vector art

Each and every Photoshop service has advantages and disadvantages, and before using a Photoshop editing service an editor should know about its plus points and negative points.

  • Vector Graphics have an infinite resolution for the convenience of the editor.
  • This editing service is also scalable.
  • The pictures of the edition of vector graphics really have lightweight as it doesn’t take so much space and a small size file.
  • These edition pictures are created intuitively.
  • These pictures can be easily get manipulated.
  • The greatest advantage is that we can use it again and again. In short words it is reusable.
  • We can use it for so many purposes.
  • After using Vector Graphics the picture will look so realistic.

Disadvantages of any Photoshop service will allow you to know the rules.

  • It can consume too much of your time.
  • You also need some special skills to perform it.
  • As Vector image is and editing service so it will not appear in the photographs clicked by the camera!
  • It has to be drawn by an artist on editing software like adobe illustrator.
  • It will not increase the cost as much as the raster images.

Raster Image VS Vector Image:

There are so many differences between Raster and Vector image, but the main difference between vector and raster graphics is that in the raster graphics pictures are composed in pixels it is an array of pixels of various color when combine together then formed an image, while on the other hand vector graphics are composed of paths.

Still, vector-based graphics are more flexible than the raster graphics because they are more versatile, flexible and it’s also very flexible to use. The heaviest point is that the vector images are quick and perfect on scale adjustment, as there is no upper and lower limit in the sizing of the vector.

The Best Time to Use Vector Graphic:

You should know the best time to use Vector Graphics so you can provide a better result. 

  • You should definitely use Vector graphics while designing a thing based on a large scale like banners, signage, vehicle wraps, and other large-format items.
  • Vector Graphics is also a great choice for print work, logos, promotional posters, and major illustrations for a business identity.
  • The best uses of Vector Graphics are printing on paper or clothes, there are two different ways in which something gets print on the paper or clothes.
  • It can also be used for making signs of all sizes by using vector graphics.
  • It is also reliable for embroidery.
  • It is used in general graphic designs.
  • The cartoons you see are also made up of vector graphic designs.
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