Jewelry Retouching Service

Before knowing about Jewelry Re-Touching a photo editor should know about Photo Re-touching. It is a process of polishing an image to prepare it for final representation. Beauty retouching is one of the most popular areas of it in which we use advanced tools to smooth out skin and hair, we also optimize body size and highlight some beautiful details. You can add brightness in a dark image or can make a smooth picture! It is mostly used by new and professional photographers. Remember picture editing is a basic correction of an image and photo retouching is actual photo handling to change the look. We are used to seeing retouched images in print so keep this in mind when you are viewing your own photo! After editing the photos in different ways there is another kind of Photo Re-touching called Jewelry Re-touching in which all the pictures you edit is about jewelry. All of the jewelry’s companies and other jewelry selling websites took their jewelry photo in a unique way but even the perfect shot make their jewelry unattractive and their customer unsatisfied to solve this issue the companies and websites use jewelry re-touching service to show their jewelry valuable so the costumers will definitely get attracted to it unintentionally.

Process of Jewelry Re-touch:

Before knowing about jewelry re-touching an editor should know about the background of it which is photo retouching. Jewelry retouching is also a kind of photo retouching but can only be used on jewelry. There are some tools in photo retouching which are also used in jewelry retouching. Let’s have a look.

The Spot Healing Dust Tool:

If there is any kind of spot or dent in the background of a picture or in the image’s object then we use the Spot healing dust tool. All you do is select the size of the brush and the level of the softness and then just brush it on the parts where it’s needed.

Healing Brush Tool:

The method copy of the data from a handbook chosen source, where it is automatically copied is known as the Healing brush tool.


in the selection process, all you need to do is to select whether you need a broad brush or a fine brush.

Content-Aware Path Tool:

A tool that is like the healing brush where you collect manually data from a source is known as Content-Aware Path Tool.

Dust and Scratch Filter:

A tool that allows you to remove the dust from an area real quick and it also does not contain a lot of detail as much as the plain background does is known as Dust and Scratch Filter.

What Is Jewelry Re-touching?

After knowing a little background of Photo Re-Touching Jewelry Re-Touching will be easy for you to understand. If you want to make your jewelry more valuable and want customers to get attracted to it then you should know about Jewelry Re-touching. This service will give your jewelry’s picture more shine and sparkle, which will automatically make the jewelry more phenomenal! Jewelry Re-touching is a sophisticated modification of the photographs with the help of Photoshop of light room. 

How to Remove the Background of Jewelry?

The main reason to use jewelry re-touching is to remove its background to make it more attractive if you leave it as it is then the jewelry will look good but the customers won’t like it. To remove the background of a jewelry photo you must make the selection of the clipping path you have just drawn. To make the selection, click on the path layer you have worked on. After this press ‘Ctrl + Enter’ so that it can enable the selection of the path area of the photo.

How to Sparkle the Jewelry in Photoshop?

Jewelry attracts people not because of its price or the brand name, but it makes itself attractive because of the shine, glows, and sparkles on it. Ladies love to wear that jewelry which has so much shine, which can be seen even from a good distance. A common method of quickly adding flares and sparkles to a diamond is used a star-shaped paintbrush. There are several ways to choose from it like the Brushes panel, which you can bring up by pressing ’f5’ on your keyboard. If you want to give the best result in editing go for the white brush on a new layer over the diamond.